Update April 24th 2024


Dear Clients and Partners,

We are pleased to announce that, as part of the judicial liquidation procedure of ONIRI CREATIONS, the assets of the latter have been acquired by SUROCA. To this end, it will establish a new company dedicated to this takeover.

This new phase marks the beginning of a promising era, with renewed commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

We understand the difficulties caused by the recent judicial liquidation of the company, affecting many individual and professional clients who lost their pre-orders. We are determined to rectify this situation.

License Contract Transfers:

The creation of the new structure involves transferring license contracts. We have already contacted the majority of the rights holders and are reassured by their willingness to complete the projects so that all clients receive their orders. However, mandatory legal delays require the signing of these new contracts before any statue imports. Without these licenses, a container arriving in France could be seized and destroyed for copyright infringement.

Action Plan for Deliveries:

Case 1: For clients who have fully paid their orders but not received them, we will endeavor to fulfill your orders at no additional cost. We will contact you individually by email.

Case 2: For clients reimbursed by Oniri or their bank, we reserve the items for you, and you will have the opportunity to reorder them as soon as they are available.

Case 3: For clients reimbursed by their retailer, we reserve the items for you, and you will have the opportunity to reorder them through them as soon as they are available.

Case 4: For orders that cannot be produced due to lack of a license, we will offer a credit equal to the amount paid plus 15% of the purchase price to use on our future or current projects.

For professional clients, as each case is unique, we will get back to you but your deposits will not be lost.

Change in Business Model:

We will end the pre-order and pre-payment system. Our productions will be funded in advance by our studio, and sales will only occur when the statues are in stock in France. For our international professional clients, part of the stock will remain in Asia, and orders will be shipped from our local warehouses.

Regarding Former Leaders:

We have spent a lot of time with them since the acquisition and have listened to their desire to ensure the project's continuity. Contrary to rumors, none have left France or their responsibilities. Our respective lawyers have strongly advised them not to speak publicly, which is why they remain out of the communications.

Commitment and Transparency:

We will soon organize a YouTube live with a recognized community influencer to detail our strategy and answer all your questions. The date and time of this event will be announced on our page very soon.

We are committed to rebuilding trust and maintaining the excellence of Oniri Creations. We count on your support and patience during this transition period.

We will return very soon with more information, and the establishment of a dedicated email will also be communicated.


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