Update April 2023

This page is updated quarterly.

You will find below the updated production point:

Berserk 00 : We are starting shipments to stores (in Europe) in the coming weeks (they will be spread over several months). Shipments for partner stores in Asia and the United States have been completed.

Femto / Griffith : The first address confirmation emails will be sent next month.

City Hunter & Roy Mustang & Gon vs Hisoka : Deliveries begin between the 3rd quarter and the end of the year (a few photos below before the departure of the first copies from China).

Zodd : The first container leaves China at the end of May. Deliveries will begin after the Femto/Griffith and City Hunter shipments.

Grendizer & Flash & Eva00 : No change compared to the last production point, the containers are scheduled to leave this summer.

Gemini no Saga helmet : No particular change since the last production point. The main difficulty on this project is to ensure that the paint is as clean as possible, especially without scratches. The time taken on this first helmet will allow us to be faster on the next ones.

Robocop & Luffy : The productions started at the end of last year and the first deliveries are planned between the end of the year and beginning of next one.

Terminator / Ichigo / Mikasa / Duke Fleed : The productions will begin after final validation of the factory samples by the rights holders. The scheduled release dates remain unchanged. The unmasked face of Duke Fleed (Actarus) has also been validated and is now visible on the product page.

Misa & Rem / GTO / Byakuya / Nami : No news since the last production point in January. We are waiting for the first factory samples.

As you may have noticed, we haven't launched any pre-orders lately. Our desire is to first reduce the number of pending deliveries as much as possible before offering new products.

Be aware, however, that several new features are under development and will be available to you later in the year.

Rest assured that, as always, the quality of our products is our priority and that, despite some significant delays, your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns.

A big announcement will be made in the coming weeks.

The Oniri Team

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