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Birth of the Demon King – Exclusive Edition

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For this Exclusive Edition limited to 150 units only, Griffith and Femto are joined together making for one amazing looking diorama. Do not miss the chance to add to your collection this memorable duo marking the birth of the new Demon King. Each character will come in his individual box with a special « Exclusive Edition » sticker. The bottom sticker on each base will be different and unique to this Exclusive.

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A very time-consuming sculpt and paint work was involved to translate the character’s immense suffering in statue form. Be it his helmet, token of his former life as a leader, or the bandages covering his body, no details were spared to make this a must-have in any Berserk collection.
Far from Griffith’s angelic physique, Femto is the incarnation of pure Evil. A long and minute sculpture work was necessary to translate master Miura’s pencil work in 3D form. Subtle textures mimicking muscle fiber were applied on his body and cape. The same care was given to the base, which could be viewed as another character in itself making this piece a true diorama. Each base was designed so that both characters can be displayed together, or separately


  • Dimensions 39 x 33 x 41 cm
  • License Berserk
  • Scale 1/6
  • Sculptor Pierre-Marie Albert
  • Estimated delivery Q2 2023
  • Painters Kevin Ferrer
  • Concept Oniri Creations