Limited to 800 pieces

Edward Elric – a fierce counter-attack

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We are proud to present our third statue dedicated to the most famous state alchemist, Edward Elric.
Based on the fight versus Father from the much acclaimed anime FMA Brotherhood, this statue depicts Ed launching his most powerful attack after his brother’s sacrifice. His anger will make him triumph over the most powerful Humonculous!

Sold out

Sold out


Several display options are available for this piece. With both human arms accurate to this particular scene, or maybe with his automail and red coat for a more classic look.
All of the iconic details were incorporated into this statue, such as his state alchemist watch.
The sculpt is packed with details and the work done on the fists and Ed's pose make this statue even more dynamic. A lot of thought was put into the position of his arms and the flow of the coat.
Edward stands on an alchemy circle made of clear resin, and comes with a light-up feature making this statue even more impressive to look at!
All the lightning effect parts are also made of a transparent material for added realism.
Strictly limited to 800 copies, this statue will come with its certificate of authenticity.


  • Scale 1/6th
  • Dimensions 49Hx59Wx54Dcm
  • License Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Release Q2 2020
  • Concept Oniri Créations
  • Sculptors Oniri Créations team - Sheridan Doose
  • Painter Kevin Ferrer