Limited to 550 pieces

Eva-02 : First Appearance

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The very first Evangelion to be put in production phase in the series is also our first statue, the 02 Unit piloted by Second Children Asuka Langley Shohryu. Ready to have at it with angel Gaghiel, this statue is taken from Episode 8, EVA-02’s very first appearance. While the 02 Unit isn’t equipped with its rifles yet at this point of the story, it still comes with its Progressive Knife which we’ve made into a swappable arm piece.

Only 550 copies of this statue will be made, and each will come with its own numbered certificate of authenticity as well as an Instructions booklet.

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Sold out


For our very first EVA statue, we wanted something truly dynamic. A lot of work has been put into the pose, the angle of the boat and movement of the waves.

This EVA-02 unit is true to the original anime design down to the smallest details. We worked with very precise references and instructions from the licensor. We were also provided with the official colors from paint manufacturer Gaia Notes.
The aircraft carrier is packed with details, from missile launchers, turrets, we even threw in a fighter aircraft falling from the carrier. Take a closer look at the EVA's feet and see how the runway cracked from the sheer weight of the 02 unit.

Special attention was given to the waves which were 3D sculpted by a SFX expert.

For the paintjob of the EVA, we wanted something elegant and true to the anime, hence the satin finish.

A true masterpiece for any Evangelion fan.


  • Dimensions H50 x W30 x D45cm
  • License Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Scale Non-scale
  • Sculptors Pierre-Marie Albert, David Letondor
  • Estimated Delivery Q1 2021
  • Painters Kevin Ferrer, Logan Lebailly
  • Concept Hive Studio
  • ARTISTIC SUPERVISION Romain Lapi - Kevin Lapi