Limited to 99 pieces

Guts & Zodd VS Ganishka – Bloody Exclusive

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The Bloody Exclusive is limited to only 99 copies. This version comes with a bloody, dirtied up Guts! His portraits, entire body and dragonslayer are covered in both fresh and coagulated blood spatter. If you love the gritty, gory aspect of Berserk, then this one’s made for you!

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Sold out


From a technical standpoint, we incorporated many high-end materials into this statue with a view to pushing the realism even further.
Guts' skin parts are done in semi-translucent "flesh resin"

Zodd was extremely difficult to pull off as we wanted everything about him to look organic.
His claws, fangs and tongue are casted in a translucent resin then painted with transparent inks, finished with a high-gloss epoxy.
His wings have a see-through effect and as you move closer, you'll get to see all the subtle veins in the wings membrane.

Ganishka isn't just a "base", he's a character in itself and comes with the same amount of detail as Guts and Zodd. The cloud parts are done in semi-translucent resin, and painted with quite a few subtle grey, blue, and purple tones.

For the wood base, we went for a medieval worn-out look adorned with steel and in the center the Brand of Sacrifice.

This project has required months of work and we hope it will please Berserk fans and statue collectors!
* Blood position will be different from the prototype


  • Dimensions H 70cm, W 89cm, D 92cm
  • License Berserk
  • Scale 1/6th
  • Sculptor Pierre-Marie Albert
  • Estimated delivery Q2 2021
  • Painter Kevin Ferrer
  • Concept Oniri Creations