Limited to 999 pieces

Levi VS Female Titan

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We are proud to present our first statue from Attack on Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin)!

The statue features the charismatic Corporal Levi in his fight against the Female Titan. Certainly one of the most memorable scene of the first season of the anime where we can see all the power of the character who will quickly incapacitate his enemy by carrying blows at the speed of lightning.

Produced in 1/6th scale, the statue is limited to only 999 copies and will come with its certificate of authenticity and instructions booklet.


Sold out

Sold out


Made of a whopping amount of 54 parts, this statue is a true technical challenge. This diorama is detailed to the max, and every single part of the 3D maneuver gear was carefully reproduced and supervised by Kodansha.

The speed and blood effects are made using a transparent material. Levi as usual hasn't held back, the Titan arm presenting deep cuts with fresh blood.

So as to be accurate to Female titan's design, an intricate network of translucent veins has been painted under the skin. This difficult painting process requires over a dozen layers to achieve a realistic skin look.

As per usual with our projects, PVC will only be used for the most fragile parts and as a last resort.


  • Dimensions H52 x W48 x D45
  • License Attack on Titan
  • Scale 1/6
  • Sculptors Pierre-Marie Albert (Levi), Sheridan Doose (Titan), Fabiano Carlos Coelho (3D maneuver gear)
  • Estimated Delivery Q4 2021
  • Painter Kevin Ferrer
  • Concept Oniri Creations