Light & Ryuk Diorama

Limited to 999 pieces 579,00

We are proud to present our second statue, Death Note : our first resin statue based on the anime, a Japanese anime masterpiece adapted from Tsugumi Ōba et Takeshi Obata cult manga. Limited to 999 copies only, this diorama features the two main protagonists, Light Yagami and Ryuk the God of Death.

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The statue features the two main protagonists, Light Yagami holding a scythe and Ryuk the God of Death who keeps a close eye on the use that Light will make with the Death Note. The base represents the Shinigami World. Light comes with two switch-out left hands, one holding the Death Note, and the other an apple that Ryuk craves so much.


  • Dimensions 48x29x28cm
  • License Death Note
  • Scale 1/6
  • Sculptor Sheridan Doose - Guillaume Vanson
  • Estimated release date March/april 2019
  • Painter Kevin Ferrer
  • Concept Hive Studio and Oniri Créations