1/6 scale statue

Nami Thunderbolt Tempo

Limited to 600 pieces worldwide 707,50

Nami kicks off our new One Piece line in 1/6th scale. Unlike our QSC range (1/4 scale) and therefore our Luffy statue, this new collection highlights the iconic characters in dynamic poses and in full attack mode. We felt the best way to depict Nami was with her famous “Thunderbolt Tempo” attack on the Thousand Sunny.

Limited to only 600 copies worldwide, the statue comes with its certificate of authenticity.

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This statue pays tribute to the first female member of the Mugiwara crew, her Climat-Tact in hand. Nami is ready to battle with her opponents, looking at them in a determined fashion, and her hair flying in the wind. Many transparent parts make up the statue especially the whirlwind and the huge wave at the back. The base is faithful to the Thousand Sunny colors made up of wood and highly reflective golden parts.


  • Dimensions 40x36x34cm
  • License One Piece
  • Scale 1/6
  • Sculptors Gabriel Lemaire, Pierre-Marie Albert
  • Estimated delivery Q2 2024
  • Painters Kevin Ferrer, Logan Lebailly
  • Concept Oniri Creations
  • Art direction Romain Lapi