Limited to 999 copies

Sandaime Hokage – The Last Fight

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Check out our very first statue based on the amazing Naruto licence!

Student of the first two Hokage, the one they call “the Professor” or “the god of the Shinobi” will give his life to save Konoha from the Orochimaru threat.
With this statue, we wanted to pay tribute to one of the most memorable scenes from the anime. The diorama depicts Sandaime, joined by the mighty Monkey King Enma, during his final battle against his former student.
Done in 1/6 scale, the statue will be limited to 999 copies only and as always will come with its certificate of authenticity and instructions booklet.


Sold out

Sold out


Ready to face Orochimaru and the two former Hokage, Sarutobi wears his battle outfit, and holds in his hand a truly massive shuriken.
An alternate second right arm (available through our website only) comes with a normal sized shuriken.
Sandaime towers over the scene, perched on two giant tree roots resulting from the first Hokage's attack.
Enma is depicted in his most classic and iconic pose when he is summoned.
The base is also made of roof tiles that were heavily damaged by Hashirama's Mokuton


  • Dimensions (with shuriken) 64 x 50 x 40cm
  • License Naruto
  • Scale 1/6th
  • Sculptors Pierre-Marie Albert, Maycon Andrade
  • Estimated delivery Q1 2021
  • Painter Kevin Ferrer
  • Concept Oniri Creations